About Summerian

Hey there busy people!

Do you find it hard to find more time for reading and learning?

Even though we always struggle being busy, we still check our phones 52 times a day or more. Social media, as a prime example, have got us constantly checking on the way to work, during work, and after work…

Welcome to Summerian

All those small chunks of time on social media can amount to 2 hours per day. So in a lifetime perspective of 80 years, we would spend about 8 years and 4 months on social media. But with just a quarter of those hours, we believe you can discover 730 nonfiction books...in the next year.

Not an article. Not a blog post. A whole book.

Hence Summarian is born as the anti-dote for the busy lifestyle: a meaningful way to spend the small little 5, 10, 15 minutes.

Through each book summary, you get the core ideas, chapter by chapter, re-written in a friendly and simple way. In a much shorter time, you can have the same magical “Aha” moments from reading nonfiction.

Summaries to discover your passion, spark your ambition and broaden your knowledge.

Summerian aims to create the best summaries in the most convenient ways to consume.

We are not satisfied with generic “listicle” ideas crunched together. A book summary must retain the author’s spirit and serve as the gateway to dive deeper into the book after you are interested.

A higher standard means a more grueling working process. Throughout 2019, we invest about 4 weeks and 43 USD on each summary: from reading, outlining to writing, editing to translating into audio versions and creating an original cover

And after the quality is ready, we make sure that you can go through a summary anywhere, anytime: when you are cooking, hitting the gym, going to work, watching TV, checking your phone during lunch break… you name it.

You can go through a summary anywhere, anytime

Our Vision Moving Forward

Completing the Summaries's learning trifecta: reading - listening - watching.

Moving in 2020 and forward, we are creating more book summaries and branching out to video summaries to complete the learning trifecta: reading - listening - watching. So however you prefer to learn, we got you covered.

Summerian will be available on all platforms and easily synchronized: from Android to iOS, MacOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV to Web. Whatever device you got on your hands, you can start learning with Summerian.

​​Read to lead.

Spend your precious time on the most refined knowledge to acquire new skills and achieve new heights in your life.